Thursday, January 26, 2012

Getting crafty !

 Winter time - it's a slow season, days are getting  dark and long blending into the nights. It's a indoor season when  family time gets nourished from every side and angle, and one of the best ways to stay close, content and happy is to share moments of creative adventures. My kids like to sum this up in a great line: " Mom,don't worry it's cold outside. Lets get crafty ! " I have been hearing this every day, so we craft ...a lot :).

  Here is our new little obsession cover buttons. Yes, we have been making those for last few days and every single new button brings out smiles and amazement. I have been saving my precious fabrics scraps from all my sewing projects from my store, so now girls have a huge selection of patterns and colors to play with.


  These cute and sweet cover buttons bring tons of possibilities. They can be used to fancy up pony holder or headbands, so I got tons of those as well, just because girls can't stick to one color . Threddies is a great  Etsy store with great supplies when you have too many favorite colors.  You can also make endless amounts of button covered magnet collections using unique patterns and colors. The process of making button is pretty easy and very satisfying , kids 6 and up should be able to do it with a little bit of guidance . Honestly, I was holding myself back from taking over this craft, it is really a lot of fun. At this crafting speed most likely I will have to order more supplies next week, so far we liked this Basil and Fluffy for our supplier.


 And when the late night comes and all the kids are in bed, yes, mama instead of working sneaks few button cover projects here and  there. I will be posting those shortly. Happy Crafting everyone. Stay warm, happy and creative during these long days.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Happy New Beginnings !

It's been a while since my last post. This Holiday season was definitely the busiest ever. It looks like every year we have more ideas to bring to life and more friends to bake cookies for. Additional twist to this year's Holiday rush was  my 'Stitchinnetka' store that is growing so beautifully. To my surprise I got many orders to be filled, so I had no choice but to become a very busy Mama Elf for a month .So much making, baking and parting was happening .

  The Holiday rush was started once the Advent Banner was strung across the room ...every morning kids were jumping out of beds waiting for a new surprise and getting ready for a new holiday adventure .

  The most festive of all parties was Winter Solstice Celebration. It was extra special this year ,because we had whole families coming together for the night walk and happy gathering. House was filled with delicious food, cookies,laughter and heart warming conversations. It is such a empowering and beautiful experience to be surrounded by great friends during new beginnings .

   After weeks of  baking and making came Christmas Eve, the day when in our family we exchange the gifts For kids, definitely the most anticipated day of the year.  Apart form broken leg incident, Gavin was overloaded with excitement, it was a pretty happy evening .Kids stayed up late testing toys and new goodies, giving me the best gift next morning - sleeping in :). For busy Mama Elf Christmas Day is the day when mama become human again , and a big pancake breakfast usually brings me back to normal life. Festive and slow day is  filled with more gifts giving and receiving .


During Christmas break we had a day trip to NYC...only girls this time . It feels so wonderful to visit old paths during this time of the year. Bryant Park, as usual was wonderful  and charming, a bit crowed , but that is the beauty of the city as well.


  And yes, of course we were totally spoiled with the yummiest foods of all , starting at Eataly with glorious Italian coffee and heavenly dessert Diabella at 11am ! Through out the city, we were  tasting little and big treats, like gourmet pretzels at Bryant Park or accidental delightful sushi dinner on Upper West Side.To finish off the day we had many pots of tea accompanied by huge and delish  cupcakes at 'Alice's Tea Cup' .Yes, we do love adventures in NYC and it always becomes something to remember for sometime .
  And the last big event for the year was the New Year's Party. It was big and spectacular, filled with fabulous decorations, balloons, games,attempts to fly wishing lights and tons of confetti, that I will be finding around the house for many week to follow. Again the house was filled with friends, laughter and few wild dances.

 The new beginnings were celebrated with love and laughter sending us into the new year with open hearts. Thank you dear friends for sharing that joy!