Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Amelie's Birthday Party

It was one super busy month of February. 'Thing-a-Day' project was a lot of fun and work. Amelie joined me on this year's  marathon of making and creating.It was fun all the way. Now, back to daily life  :).

 Last Sunday we have celebrated Amelie's 10th Birthday! Yes, I'm still totally not believing that my baby is growing so fast, I wish there was a way to slow down a bit the growing into a teenager proccess. So for this grand occasion we had a big girly bash filled with giggles, cookie decorating, crafts and dress-up madness.

 It seams like every party we have, kids are decorating cookies.Pretty much cookie decoration   become a traditional activity for any gathering in our house.  So that was pretty easy idea for girls to work on, and since Amelie requested very girly theme, I made tons of cookies in girly shapes ..of course, mostly fashion related, and I just had to add few mustaches here and there for little brothers.

   It was no surprise that  all the girls loved the photo shoot idea and had a blast dressing up..

  I think they would have spent the whole day doing just that- posing in front of camera :) I love seeing so much silliness going wild. I wish I just keep still those precious moments of innocent play time, those giggles and funny faces.

  And for a big finale there was one huge cake, of course it had to be turquoise since it is Amelie's favorite color these days with simple chocolate and vanilla flavors. Recipe comes form my beloved 'More from Magnolia Bakery' Book

 Happy Birthday My Sweetheart :)