Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Craft Shows- Exploring New Possibilities

As most of you have already noticed, I love making things, actually all sort of things starting from arts and crafts, photography, baking, cooking, gardening etc. Seriously, I can spend a long time making my list. So over a year ago, I have decided to open my Etsy shop Stitchinnetka, where I can release my creative  energy into making some money that can be used on things that I can't make it. Well, and that's how I opened a new chapter in my life. I had no idea what I was putting myself into..I just wanted to make some stuff . And yes, believe me I made some volumes of stuff last year ! something about 350 items ! A little bit overwhelming,and satisfying , when I trying to visualize that. The biggest part that is missing in my making process is lack of direct contact with my client, when I can meet the owner of my creation. It's especially inspiring to see kids that get excited about my goodies :).

   I really strive for a direct, face to face contact with my customers, so this year I have decided to explore selling at craft shows.

 My first appearance was the  Earth Day Festival in Greenpoint,Brooklyn, NY in my old neighborhood where I used to walk my dogs every day. I couldn't say 'no ' to this offer. And for that big first time I took my whole family with me, to make it special and fun. They all very excited to spend and day in the city and help mama to make some money, team work in a full force.

   It was truly great to have girls with me, especially because I was running a workshop on how to make fabric covered buttons and hair accessories. Maya and Amelie were just perfect assistants, they had a blast teaching other kids how to make little colorful creations. I love saving fabric scraps for this kind of projects,where I can teach kids creating something bright and colorful out of pieces of joyful patterns.   And thank you 'Threddies' for a fast delivery of gorgeous elastic bands :). Girls where absolutely thrilled to work with them. I hope that one day, I will be able to run a little arts and crafts center when kids can hang out after  school and learn and developed their skills. I believe that everyone has some sort of need to use hands to make things. Process of hand making brings out confidence and awareness of changing our imagination and dreams into reality. And I think that is a very crucial skill to understand and use by kids,as it is a essential part of being a human.  Unfortunately, in our fast paced  society children are lucking time to not even to create, but also to think about it. So I have decided to incorporate workshops into my craft shows - love, learn and make :)

  After one wonderful and exciting Saturday , I had a craft show in my hometown - Lindenhurst. I did the same gig  - sellling  my handmade creations and teaching kids few crafts . I think we made way over 70 button that day!

SO that was one busy weekend.  I really had a great time chatting with customers, other crafters and friends and family that came to visit. Workshop was a huge success and I have learned how to run show more efficient. Looking forward more adventures ...next stop Craft Show run by  'Surfs Out'
restaurant in Kismet, Fire Islands, NY - May 28th, keeping fingers crossed for great weather and lovely day at the beach promoting handmade movement :) . If you are around, please stop by, say 'Hi and join us for some crafting. And don't forget to bring sunglasses and sun lotion :).


  1. Hi Aneta,

    The craft fair looked like you and everyone had a great time. Your idea of running a make it yourself workshop was a fantastic idea, get the customer involved in crafting themselves. That day people walked away with a new skill all thanks to you and your little assistants.

    What are your planned workshops for your next craft fair?

    Have a beautiful weekend

  2. Hi Janet,
    Yes, kids and myself we all had a blast :) including our customers :) I love teaching kids art of handmade, and I thought that is a perfect opportunity to do so:). Lots of happy girls were around out table :) Not sure what will we do for the next time? I'm thinking headbands ...every girl loves accessorize. And of course they want to have a separate craft for boys...and that might be a bit more tricky.Keeping fingers crossed.

  3. So, so stylish darling! what do u say about following each others blog? kisses