Friday, November 11, 2011

Seasonal Baking Adventures

  Most likely everyone will agree that fall is absolutely perfect time for baking. My family definitely has that sort of instinct rooted deep in our taste buds. These days we are having lots of pies, cookies, brownies, muffins etc. Since the boys are home with me, they took over the title of my left and right hand assistant. And they usually will instigate and inspire all sorts of baking adventures in the house. I would say Oliver would be the right hand assistant  and the head of choosing the baking project and well, Gavin will be my left hand,  he doesn't have that much to say, but he  is absolutely crucial for a great outcome of the master piece ...and few spills here and very. I'm must say for sure that baking with this boys speeds up the whole process, now I wonder how soon they will take over my kitchen, and if I will be able to let them do that all the way.

  So far on the top of baking list is glorious Pumpkin Pie. I love using simple recipe for crust - Pate Brisee form Martha Stewart , which probably is a universal french pie dough invention with adorable name. Usually I will mix whole wheat flour with white flour 1:1, for health and crunch reasons. As it comes to pumpkin puree, we steam the squash and save the seeds for snacks. Some people like to bake pumpkin , hopefully one day I will try that technique  as well. And the secret  pie recipe that I have discovered about 5 years ago comes form this source . This recipe and website is super informative, whoever wrote that is a professional pie maker and loves his craft.

 Last Monday I have tried a little twist on traditional pie, we made many tiny and cute mini were in love and inhale half of the batch. And yes, we served this goodness with homemade whipped cream, and adding real vanilla instead of vanilla extract takes this whole baking and tasting adventure to level of highest yumminess.

 And after all this baking adventures, when all the kids are asleep and dreaming about pies, I sew away into Holiday Season. My newest addition to Holiday Collection turned out to be a super cute little red holiday tree garland, made with cozy red felt and scraps form my old  projects.Now I have only one more garland to make to complete my collection.  A little bit of felt and precious fabric scraps can really make people smile and be sentimental about Christmas. I'm so happy to make it happen.

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  1. Love the garland sista , really stylish . And your little chefs are just adorable, when I read about your cooking experience I can almost smell that delisiousness and I can just quickly transition myself to your cozy comfy kitchen. Oh I wish we could do a baking session together one day.