Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween Madness

 Halloween - so far I don't really get why every year kids must go on the candy hunt and after that they  are willingly robbed by parents from all the trophy they harvested...  But I have to admit, I do love  the dress-up part of that day. And I do love the excuse to make the dresses for my girls . Every year I spent week of sleepless nights sewing away ...love the creative process that just happens. It has been 9 years since I started to sew for Halloween,  I have learned so much trough out the whole process. In the beginning it was following the patterns, now I just make it happen. It all comes down to a little bit of practice, persistence and allowing your mind to bring your imagination into reality...and some good coffee at 5pm to make your creative juicy flowing after kids are in bed :).

  And the most rewording part is the big smile and sparkles in the eyes when kids wake up in the morning and see their dream dress come to life. I hope one day their will be able to bring they own dreams to life just like that.


  1. Wow, these dresses look amazing! I especially love the red and black one!

  2. Hi Leti ,
    I'm to hear that you like the dresses :)It is fun to make them, I'm totally in love with ruffles now :)