Friday, October 21, 2011

Crafty Friday

  Again, I will start with the weather update- it's cold here. Yes, I spend last night in my sweater, I have officially opened fall season in my house. But, still hoping few dozens of tomatoes in my garden will ripen in my garden before the first frost.
  So today I'm having Super Crafty Friday, two sets of wish flags all done, one birthday crown in making...and yes, I'm planning in my head  pattern for a flamenco dress.Maybe I should start listening to some Spanish tunes for a inspiration. Back in day, I used to be very impressed by 'Madredeus', amazing Portuguese band that have been featured in Wim Wenders movie 'Lisbon Story' ... Yes, I can tell, all the memories rushing back right now when I'm listening to that, so yes it is not exactly Spain, but close enough to make me think of flamenco-like ideas. It would be great to get more recommendations, because during Halloween we might have a flamenco dance-off. 

 So besides overwhelming dress project, I have something little and sweet to work on- birthday crown for my friend's girl. She is a sweet pink loving girl, so the crown will be pinkish with cute little flowers, and I have found these cool tutorials on how to make felt/fabric flowers .It looks like fun, and pretty much sure Amelie will be working on this project as soon as she sees it. Pintrest is endless source of inspiration and ideas, check it out diy flowers.

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