Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Time - new beginnings

 My family loves Spring time- new beginnings, lots of new plans, tons of digging in the garden, creativeness sprouts from every corner. I'm pretty much sure that during this time of the year all living creatures feel the need to grow, stay outdoor and smile to the expanding green life that surrounds us.

 My kids are moving to the backyard for next 2 or 3 seasons ! They have already done traditional  ritual to open the outdoor season - art session with wet chalk  all over the patio :).

 ...and then to make everything more official comes Easter with all colorful projects, yummy spring food and lots of fresh air .


 Once a year  my husband becomes Master Easter Bunny for a day. He loves organizing Easter egg hunt. To me,it is a pretty new tradition. In Poland where I grew up, we didn't have amazing Easter Bunnies that bring eggs filled with treats.It must be a specific species for USA habitat :). I do love watching and taking photos of that phenomenal totally go bonkers for that!

                    And of course, traditionally, any celebration needs to have some good bake off, so we had to bake and decorate some cookies....

  Finally I have a great reason to hang out my spring banner :) This is one of my favorites and really goes well with hues in my house .Yey- to all the bright and cheerful colors :)


  Happy Spring and Easter to all :). To all new beginnings !



  1. Cute post! I love gardening--you're kids look so happy doing all those fun things :-D

    New reader from Blogging Buddies :-D

  2. You have some cute kiddos! Looks like you had a great Easter Weekend! Stopping by to say hi from busy moms team on etsy!

  3. Thank you ladies :)SO great to have visitors :)

  4. wow - looks like you had a fabulous easter! so pretty

    hugs Betty Bake