Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Fantastic Robot Extravaganza

 I can't believe it has been almost a whole month without a new post!!  I got super busy with too many things at the same time...but after all  I have managed to put together a birthday party for my sweet 5 year old Oliver. This time he ordered Fantastic Robot Extravaganza . I was very pleased with this choice, because we got super fun craft for that occasion ! Building robots out of recycling boxes, egg cartoons, plastic containers etc. It took me a long time to collect all the necessary supplies and crafty goods to accommodate creative needs of 30 guests. My garage looked like one big trash can, but after all it was totally worth the fun of creative adventure.

  Weather that day was my big asset :). The rain stopped , the sun came out , and we decided to move  party to my backyard. Best decision of the day that set the great energy for the party to unfold itself into a great fun. I have been having parties last 10 years, but this was my first midday party, it started at 11:30am, and I must say it worked out just perfect. Kids were in fabulous moods, happy to play, make and create. As usual, I mad a mini feast for parents, all my favorite party 'cheer up' food- mushroom tart, bean loaf, cabbage/ walnut salad, beet/ spinach/ goat cheese salad, barley dish, succotash, lots of cheese and fruit for kiddos, million pretzels and crackers. Principal to having a good time, is a good and nutritious  food.
     Sun and food created a really relaxing and laidback atmosphere. Kids happily  got into  building amazing structures with dads and coloring robot pages. I must stay that the architectural part was 100% dominated by boys ...building and destroying structures

   Girls were totally immersed in coloring robot pages with watercolors  ...very whimsical moment ...

 Natural stereotypical gender  tendencies totally shined through this activities. But when it came down to building robots, girls and boys came together and they all did really fantastic job creating unique and funky robot creatures.

Some of them even transformed themselves into robots :)

  I was really stunned how happy kids were doing this project , and for a big finale we had a robot parade with a funky robot dance party...and that's when kids went a bit wild :)

  And of course the party had to end with a robot cake :). This time I made hummingbird cake by Paula Deen, recipe borrowed form Martha Stewart website. It's  a perfect cake for a sunny weather. And as usual I had to accessories it with chocolate chips and cream cheese frosting.

 Oliver  had a super fantastic time surrounded by love, laughs and tons of great friends.I love to seeing my boy to grow in a happy man.


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