Wednesday, April 11, 2012

My growing projects

Spring time - season to grow any thing : seeds, dreams, ideas etc. My Etsy shop Stitchinnetka is already 1 year old. I can't believe how fast this year went by. I have never thought that actually my creativeness would really rule my life. Evey morning I wake up to make and create, I go to sleep thinking of next projects, dream about it and wake up to repeat  the cycle of things coming to life. My kids, my truly wholesome creations,  intertwine through the whole process giving me the inspirations for the next projects and ideas for creative adventures.   Every moment of the day new ideas spring to life. This year,  I have decided to join few craft shows... of course that was warmly applauded  by crowd of my little fans :). So here I am ,brainstorming for new ideas and designs ... I feel like changing my studio into Santa's  workshop, and it's not even close to Christmas Season.

  Few days ago Mada from  Polesty, blog that features Polish artists, designers and crafters from all over the world , published my interview in 'Crafting Space' section. I'm so proud to be included in this amazing group of talented people :). My funky studio got some publicity :) YEY !

  Some of my photos were taking by my oldest daughter Amelie :) She is super proud of her first baby steps into photography. Seeing her photos of a blog was really moving. I'm so proud of her, she really captured some great moments.

  And speaking about photography.... one more big project that have started to sprout many years ago finally is starting to bloom ! My passion for photography  is turning  into true work of mine  that I absolutely adore. And yes, no surprises here,kids and families are my main clients. I just had a first photo shoot today, exciting, challenging and very fulfilling. I can't wait to play with editing now.

  I love seeing my new projects grow .... Thank you my dear family and friends for all wonderful support  :)



  1. Great studio! Your daughter captured it really well :-D I've done craft shows before they are so fun.

  2. I am just the same in my creative mind, it's a cycle I love to pieces! Your daughter took some great photos!