Thursday, February 16, 2012

Big Birthday Bash

 Last weekend Gavin, my youngest baby, turned 3!!! years old. I still see him as my tiny little bambino. It's so difficult to accept the fact the he is changing into very independent little boy that can't stand being called 'baby'.
  So I guess I shouldn't be surprised that he chose airplanes as his party theme. I would assume that it might be the metaphor for being ready to fly free and soar through the sky. I can totally picture him  doing that one day.

  At the party as usual we had a pretty good mix of kids of different ages, about 15 little people total. I came up with 'decorate you plain' craft. It was just perfect, young and older kids  was pretty happy creating their unique airplanes with paper, stickers, markers etc.I cut them out from cardboard boxes that I'm obsessively saving for millions of crafts my kids come up with every week .I just love recycling art .


 I was absolutely impressed how much they liked their creations. To stretch a bit creative time, I asked them also to decorate airplane cookies. And that was a fantastic success as well . A night before, I baked about 300 cookies ....

 ....some of them I have decorated for goodie bags and another 200 was up to the little decorators ....

     Of course,there was a lot of folding paper action  for paper airplanes and lots of running / flying in and out of the house. The big finale was the cake..yes! the airplane cake ! .. made with vanilla and chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting inspired by recipes form famous 'Magnolia' bakery in NYC

  That was one busy Sunday filled with lots of friends, love and laughter. Now I'm planning next party for Amelie,  my oldest daughter, and that will be a very different celebration indeed ...only 9 year old girls allowed! 

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