Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Flower Headband Tutorial

 Few friends were asking about tutorials. on how to make some of my designs. So here it is , my very first tutorial on how to make a cute headband .

  First of all,  relax, that is a fun project. Super easy, have a nice cup of tea with some cookies or a piece of nice dark chocolate :) . Here is your list of tools and materials:

-fabric ( fabric scarps are always a great choice)
-buttons, regular kind or cover buttons, if you wish to have a fabric button in the middle
-elastic ( cute skinny or fat elastic bands )
-rotary cutter if you like to use it instead of scissors
- ruler
-pencil/ fabric marker

 ..and you are all set to go...

1. First, cut two fabric strips.I'm making here a big flower, so first layer is 4 inch by 14 inch, and a second one is 3 inch by 14 inch. If you want to make a smaller flower, you can make width one inch shorter, so it will be 3inch by 14 inch and 2 inch by 14 inch. You can totally play around with length and width.

2.I am making fabric covered button for the center. You can buy supplies for that at the local fabric or craft store. I like  BasiandFluffy  Etsy supply store . Or you can just use some pretty and cute button of your liking.                                            

  3.Once you button is ready,  fold your fabric strip in half with right sides outward...

....and get your threaded needle and start gathering the open edges of the fabrics, running stitch is the way to do it  ....

....and gently start puling it till the fabric forms the flower shape.Secure and tie off the thread.

4. Do the same thing with another fabric strip....

 5.Attache small flower on the top of bigger flower ...

  6. Sew in button to two flowers, that way the whole construction is secure.

 7. Sew your cute flower to elastic band ...

..make sure it is secure.Tie off the thread and here it is- your brand new headband in a full glory ....

*. I like adding a piece of felt on the back side to add a nice, finished look ...

  So as you can see, and hopefully experience, the process of making this headbands is very simple and easy. You can make a nice gift for your children, friends in no time. Instead of elastic, you can use a ponytail holder or hair clip . Or you can even make brooches or badges ! There is lots of ways to enjoy this fabric flowers.

 Happy crafting  :)

...and if you REALLY think that for some REALLY valid reason you can't make it yourself, you can always check out my store on Etsy - Stitchinnetka for a quick buy...but only if you REALLY can't make it yourself :).


  1. Thanks for sharing this. This is really cute.

  2. Thank you so much for tutorial. I have been looking for
    a pretty flower to go with my pillowcase dresses I have
    made for Operation Christmas Child. This one is perfect.
    Great smushed in shoebox. Thanks