Friday, February 10, 2012

Turquoise and purple sort of crafts

Another day filled with excitement about another birthday. Have I mentioned that February is just bursting with birthdays in my family? So thanks to all the celebration we have so much motivation and inspiration for all this crafts.
Amelie decided to share her love for headbands and she made one of her lovely accessories for her friend’s b-day. And it absolutely HAD be purple and turquoise :) , even thought me made tons of headbands in this hues. Well,  here it is one more variation. It must be the most popular color combo of this season .And btw, it makes sense ! these are the colors for February and March ( according to astrology) .Thank you dear Aquarius and Pisces friends  for a very powerful influence.And I think Neptune is supposed be very powerful these days.

And I made something with a little bit of turquoise myself…cute banner in the anticipation on coming spring . Looking at these photos, I must say we were riding the same color pallet waive …blame it on genes.

 And all those project are of course our entries for 'Thing-a-Day' ...keep on working out those crafty muscles ...

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