Saturday, February 4, 2012

Keep on Crafting...

Keep on Crafting...Yes,this title will be repeated a lot this month...just keep on crafting :) Thank you 'Thing-a-Day' for making us madly creative. I'm pretty much sure that by February 20th we will be very tired of it, but for now full of ideas and energy.

  Today Amelie got up at 7am!!! just to let me know that she was ready to work on her project !  Well, I guess it's good to be excited about making and creating, but REALLY 7am on Saturday morning isn't exactly the good time to shout it out to your sleeping parent . Kids are truly full of surprises.

 So we had a very early morning, but thanks to that we actually accomplished a lot.

 Here it is -Amelie's little bird key chain charm. She found the idea from one of the blogs we know through Pintrest boards . She did most of work herself, I made few final stitches.

  And to sweeten the day I made some Sweetheart Brownies, good test for the V-day :).

  And here is the link to our entry for 'Thing-a- day ' - Day 4 

Also talking about the V-day, it's almost here. One of my headbands got featured in this cute little collection on EtsyKids .

 I have a feeling that there will be more of those cute little headband projects happening in a very near future. I'm thinking of putting together a short tutorial ,since  I have already few requests... It's very easy and kids-friendly, definitely anyone can do it. Stay tuned.


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  1. This bird looks very professional !
    Congratulation Amelie
    About the brownie ...mouth watering... and it is 9 o clock here lol.. I am telling you this is not good:P
    can't wait for your next projects