Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Cold day equals brain storming for Christmas Season

   It is totally freezing outside today. I mean, I was really considering putting a warm jacket on ! I really want to embrace coming fall, but I still have a fresh memory of kids splashing in the bay few days ago, it is a little bit difficult to let go of the summer.
   So here it is the easiest way to adjust to dropping temperatures is to think ahead, I mean really ahead - forward all the way to Christmas. Yes, idea of frost and snow will definitely help me to accept the low temperatures. And besides that I need to stock up my Etsy store with some Christmas goodies. So here it is my newest addition to my Holiday Collection - Christmas Stockings.

Christmas Stockings  stitchinnetka
  Also there is a big pile of 24 for tiny socks for Advent Garland to be finished

    That will be coming to my store as well, hopefully before Advent starts. Now I'm brainstorming for new  ideas/ designs that I can bring to life  for Holiday Season. Pintrest ,without a doubt, is one of the best inspirations and resources for that. If you would like to get hooked on some amazing visual adventures,check it out, highly recommended addiction http://pinterest.com/aneta_hayne/christmas/  .

    If anyone of you, my dear readers, has some cool ideas to share or  a special request for Holiday Season, please let me know. I love to be inspired and motivated :)

 And for now, I'm off to the kitchen- it will be a Banana Bread today, tiny bit over-lapping with remains of  Pumpkin Pie Day. Isn't it great when two amazing days can overlap ?!

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