Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Long Summer Weekend in October

  We had the most sunny, summer-like Columbus Day Weekend ever. Apple and Pumping Picking during 80F weather was definitely sort of exotic experience, and I must say I wouldn't mind have that kind of weather for few more weeks. But also, on the other hand apple pie tastes better when is a bit rainy and cold outside. It's interesting how our taste buds are wired to the weather conditions.

     So yes, Saturday was a day of adventures on 'Milk Pile' farm. Lots of apples were pick that day, many delicious apple doughnuts were eaten paired with yummy apple cider, amazing local raw cheese and handmade potato curly fries!( sweet potato variation is my fave). After that little feast, we were lost in corn maze for about an hour, and actually between 7 kids that we had in out jolly group Gavin managed to be really lost for a few minutes :).Yes, this little man likes to wonder off on adventures of his own.

       After Apple Picking we had a more of the grow-up kind of adventures -Wine Tasting. Yes, it is a harvest season in the full bloom and we needed to embraces that as much a possible. 'Duck Walk' Vineyards were just on the way out from the apple orchard, so there was no way out without stopping by, I mean really there was no other way.

    Kids had amazing ...time rolling down the hills for about 2 hours, which gave the grow-ups a nice amount of time to relax and enjoy some delicious wine with amazing cheese ( yes, we do LOVE cheese ). We were a little bit stunned that  no other entertainment but simplest joy of rolling down the hill made our bunch of kiddos so happy and free.
  Next day, Sunday, was even more sunny and hot, so  we went on discovery hunt at the Nature Center that has been recently opened , absolutely peaceful preserve right by the Great South Bay. After a nice hike we had a nice rest stop right by the beach ,it felt like we were on little summer vacation. No taste of fall whatsoever .

   And last day of amazing 3 day summer vacation, even thought it was super hot, we decided to make the apple pie. It was very difficult to ignore 40 lb of apples sitting in our fridge. We made two big apple pies from Martha Stewart recipe  Old-Fashioned Apple Pie  and went to the beach ! again! for some sea glass hunting, of course some kids went for some swim and mad splashing.

  By the time we were back, the pie was ready to eat :).

  That was perfect weekend easing summer into fall. And now I'm back to brain storming for Holiday Season, my little Etsy store needs some designs asap.... I think I need to hired some elves soon.

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  1. Hi Aneta, thanks for visiting my blog. I will be including you in my blog roll. It will be up and running in the next couple of day.

    Wow..I thought I had my hands full with 2 children!!