Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Music for the Season

    It is time to stay indoor, find the inner 'me',tune to the nature's rhythm, get ready for hibernation and eventually  transformation of body and soul. Fall and winter are a very powerful seasons for our  inner growth.

  One of the most significant changes that happens in my family is the increase of indoor time. Well, in our small house with 4 growing kids, inner growth is a quite a 'show' to watch, but music is one of the very best things that helps keep everyone in the same state of mind and energy. So currently I'm on the new music hunt. I do love diversity in sound and bit, but so much of popular songs are very disappointing, especially lyric wise, not that great for little minds. I think once you get off regular, main stream broadcasting, it is pretty easy to find amazing, lovely and inspiring  tunes. YouTube or my beloved  BBC radio offers so much, but one thing that is sort of important and challenging is to find music appealing in lyrics to the grown ups and kids. After almost 10 years of listening to songs about spaghetti, dinosaurs and farm animals , I'm  really looking for middle ground.

  So here it is my newest discovery Katie Herzig and her album "The Walking Sleep", totally awesome. And this  first truck is already really big hit with my kids, perfect tune for a winter dance off  You really have to check out her music, and specifically this video !! comes with an amazing tutorial for princess dress :)....And her it is one more tune from Katie, my personal  fav "Lost and Found"  Enjoy :)

  And now  I'm off to take care of my lawn. It stopped raining. It's time to put down some seeds and make it all nice. Also my vege garden needs some loving today. Lots of basil this year, time to harvest and freeze some pesto.So in that case we have the Pesto Day. If you are in neighborhood feel free join us for some yummy pesto, with our garden tomatoes! ( yes,we still have tomatoes growing).

  And as it comes to the recipe, well I always go with instinct on this one, I have no secretes here :)

   Pesto Recipe 
   2 handfuls of basil
   1 handful of parsley ( great vit. C and minerals)
   1 or 2  garlic cloves
   pinch of salt
   1 handful of walnuts ( or almonds)
   1/2 cup of grape seed oil/ olive oil combo , if you have walnut oil that will work wonderful as well , also at the end  you can adjust amount of oil to your liking

 Mix it all in food processor or you can even use immersion blender, anything that mushes ingredients into pulp will do the work.
  I add Parmesan cheese as a final touch after pesto is mixed together with pasta. And of course you can make it as cheesy as you want .

  Enjoy :)

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