Friday, October 7, 2011

Recovery Day

 There was no post yesterday. Mama was at the dentist  getting very first brand new implants...Yep, officially I have joined 'old people' club. It was a very interesting experience considering the fact that 4 years ago I was supposed to get them. Somehow, I was able  to skip procedure,well but how long can you actually survived without proper teeth :( . They say, that mother looses one tooth per kid, so far I have 4 kids and two missing teeth, future doesn't look so bright any more.

   So because of yesterday's jaw drilling adventures, I was thinking maybe for once I would  be a little bit tired to do anything, or at least use the dentist excuse for skipping house chores !! or make somebody make me a dinner...oh, wonderful imagination and very entertaining wishful thinking. It sounded so great in my head, but for some really unknown reason I have a tendency to forget my self-nurturing wishes. The moment I heard  my kids asking me for little tiny favors and  tiny little requests, I just went back to all-ready-to-go mama state of mind. Yep, totally forgot about my 'recovery' excuse ! AGAIN! Obviously that plan wouldn't  work for next day as well...

  So today we cleaned the house,made a bunch of play dough, which actually has such a great calming effect on my very active boys, and made  tons of mini pumpkin/ chocolate chip  muffins. And also we had a wonderful playdate with old friends.


  Yes, that was my recovery day, and I think that exactly what I really need to recover : great company, good eats and happy kids. Really great recipe for a great day.

  For those interested  in making homemade play dough, we really love this easy recipe :

  Quick Modeling Dough  from MaryAnn f. Kohl 'Mudworks'


1 cup cold water
1 cup salt
2 teaspoons oil
3 cups flour
2 tablespoons cornstarch
powdered paint or food coloring
1.Mix water, salt, oil, powdered paint/food coloring.
2. Gradually add flour, cornstarch, till the whole mixture looks like bread dough.
3.Knead few minutes.
4.Explore dough freely :).
Store in air tight container for several weeks.If dough gets too mushy add some flour, if it is too hard knead for a while with wet hands.

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