Thursday, October 20, 2011

Time for Fall - Halloween Countdown

   I've been waiting for fall many weeks already. I can't deny that I do enjoy those crazy hot days that we keep on having here. It almost makes me feel like we are on vacation in some sort of  imaginary land. Yes of course, it does feel nice to still be able to pick fresh tomatoes and basil form the garden in October! , but my inner sense of seasons is totally freaking out right now. First of all, I'm over dressing my kids, which is very bizarre situation, because consciously I'm really telling myself not to do that, and I'm still throwing sweaters at them every morning. Second, I can't really enjoy making and eating apple pie or pumpkin pie the way it is supposed to be done. And the most frustrating part is that I have been totally neglecting the fact that Halloween is almost next week ! I have fabrics for one flamenco dress so far, a really good looking pile of cute fabrics , now I have to put it together. That will be Maya's costume, and she needs it for next Friday.

             Hopefully tonight my Halloween fairies will give me some good inspiration for a pattern .

 Amelie's request for Halloween is a can-can dress...hmm, not necessary my first choice of outfit for a growing lady, but I do have to admit it is a cool dress, and I'm personally a big fan of ruffles.So far we have a head piece for her outfit, that's a big plus. Picking up fabric for this one will be a little bit challenging, because her vision is slightly different then mine ...and I do want to make her wear cool traditional  bloomers as well . Stay tuned for end of this story.

  And about the boys. I must say I'm totally impressed with Oliver, he got himself an astronaut outfit  in September! He has been ready to go trick-or-tricking since long time ago. And Gavin still can't make up his mind, he is torn between cowboy, dragon and pirate. He does have props for all the dress ups, but I wouldn't be surprised if he will  just combine all of then into one.


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